The Paseo Warm-Up

Paseo Warm-Up is this Saturday Night at the Museum!

Join us on September 10, 2022 from 6:30-9:30pm for the Paseo Warm-Up, an all ages, free, outdoor event at the Museum, all to get you ready for PASEO 2022! The event headliner is the pop-up exhibition, Imperfectly Aligned, an installation by Paradox Immersive Art that takes its form as an interactive digital environment inspired by the wave intersections and optical illusion shapes created through Moiré patterns. Curated by Michelle Lanteri, this pop-up exhibition presents digital art practice as a continuum of Southwest art and culture to Taos audiences. Coupled with a hands-on workshop, it does so in partnership with Axle Contemporary's digital photo-portrait studio project, E Pluribus Unum: El Norte, and The Paseo Project's PASEO 2022 festival.

Read about our first digital and interactive art popup in the press! The Taos News

The event schedule is:

  • Paradox Immersive Art's Moiré pattern workshop (6:30-8:00pm) & “Imperfectly Aligned” interactive projection (8:00-9:30pm)
  • Axle Contemporary's “E Pluribus Unum” photo-portrait studio (6:30-9:30pm)
  • A preview of the PASEO festival! (7:30pm)

Paradox Immersive Art, or Laura Turón and David Delgado, of El Paso, Texas provides a Moiré, or interference, pattern workshop and interactive projection for all ages to demonstrate the infinite possibilities of bringing together art and science to shape the world around us. The workshop incorporates acetate paper and Sharpies to show how one can make wave pattern forms and shapes by hand. Visitors can then interact with the Imperfectly Aligned projection to move and overlap the projected digital designs, based on the Moiré patterning effect.

Axle Contemporary, or Matthew Chase-Daniel and Jerry Wellman, of Santa Fe will be photographing Taos attendees for their E Pluribus Unum project, with these images to be published in a forthcoming book and exhibited at the Taos Center for the Arts in 2023. This project culminates in a collective portrait that offers a fuller picture of the communities of northern New Mexico. Participants receive a print of their photo-portrait while on-site at the Axle Contemporary mobile studio!

The Paseo Project works at the intersection of arts and community. The project invests in the potential for art and artists to transform communities. To advance this vision, the Paseo Project works in close partnership with arts organizations, educators, and nonprofits. The Project participates in a variety of community projects and economic development initiatives, ensuring that an arts-based, supportive, and inclusive lens is used in community problem- solving. From their annual PASEO festival to their science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) education programs, The Paseo Project aims to bring inspiration and innovation to Taos.