Taos Pueblo Artists Show

The Millicent Rogers Museum in partnership with Taos Pueblo Tourism, is pleased to present "Take two" of the 2020 Annual Taos  Pueblo Artists Showcase.

The Virtual Show will celebrate an opening Friday October 16 at 5pm-7pm all from the museum’s website. The weekend of Saturday and Sunday will continue to share videos and highlights of the submitted works. The show runs through Saturday, October 30th at 4pm.
The highlight works will be on display in the Museum Lobby, as well as in Gallery 15. You may come and view these works as early as Thursday, October 15th 12-4PM and going forward on the days that the Museum Store is open Thursday-Saturday 12-4PM.
We have confirmed over 20 artists who will participate in this virtual show and sale. From the established masters like Glass Master Ira Lujan, Fashion and Surface Designer Patricia Michaels, Painter, Storyteller, Illustrator Johnathan Warmday Coming, Award Winning Potters, Angie Yazzie and Lorraine Gala Lewis, Traditional Drum Makers, Luis Romero and Dominic Beau, Award Winning Jewelers Maria Samora, Cassaundra Dukepoo and Jacqueline Gala, Painters, Deanna Suazo and Suann Davin, Jeweler Lyle Wright and so many more outstanding artists will be a part of this showcase. It’s a dream show of the finest original works to be sold on the museum’s website.
Please visit this page which will showcase each artists work individual or as a whole if you select on the filter. 
Angie Yazzie