Taos Pueblo and Millicent Rogers Museum

Painting by Jocelyn Martinez

In the spirit of Millicent’s passion for Taos Pueblo, the museum is honored to partner with Taos Pueblo Tourism. Since 2002 we have worked together in creating an event that features a variety of art forms including fashion, jewelry, pottery, photography, sculpture, paintings, beadwork, and more.  The showcase instantly became a local favorite and also one that the artisans of Taos Pueblo enjoy.  Kathleen Michaels, Millicent Rogers' Business Manager,  says that the success of this event has inspired other museums in Taos to open their doors to Taos Pueblo artists in a similar fashion and she is delighted that the museum remains a trendsetter and leader like Millicent Rogers herself. However, without the support of Taos Pueblo, this would not be the "special recipe" that has been created with the leadership of Ilona Spruce, Taos Pueblo Director of Tourism. 

Participating artists from past show include: Ira Lujan, John Suazo, Patricia Michaels, Jonathan Warmday coming, Angie Yazzie, Robert Mirabal, Jocelyn Martinez, Jacqueline Gala, Lyle Wright, Debbie Lujan, Luis Romero, Richard Aspenwind, Dawning Pollen Shorty, Glenn Gomez, Joshua Concha, Shante Bernal, Benito Concha, Suann Davin, Michael and Devin Murphy, Louise Mirabal-Murphy, Angelo McHorse, Sky Romero, Patrick Trujillo and more.

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