Dominic Bau

Dominic Bau is a traditional member of Taos Pueblo who lives in both worlds with his spiritual ways and with his creation of traditional crafts such as drums, inlayed wooden jewelry and more. He also shares his creative space to sell the wares for his fellow tribespeople. If you should ever have the chance to encounter him, you will be moved by his grounded sincere spirit. 

Dominic Bau owns and operates his showroom at the village of Taos Pueblo called Art of Life Gallery. He represents Taos Pueblo Artists who have all been adversely affected by Covid 19. 

Mr. Bau will be present on the days that the Museum Store is open to impart his knowledge on each unique drum that is calling your name. Museum Store is Open Thursday-Saturday from 10-4. Please stop by and Support Taos Pueblo Artists.0

Enjoy his introduction video here:

View and Purchase his drums here