Santa Fe Indian School

In correlation with the Millicent Rogers Museum’s ongoing 60th anniversary celebration, the museum will be featuring thirty paintings by Native American artists in a new exhibit, Santa Fe Indian School Style: Works on Paper, opening April 30th, 2016. All but three of the works are from the museum’s permanent collection, and the majority of the pieces included in the show have never been exhibited. Several of the paintings were also purchased by Millicent Rogers and Paul Peralta-Ramos, her youngest son and founder of the museum, which ties into the Executive Director, Caroline Jean Fernald’s, goal of exhibiting more works from the museum’s original collection as part of the 60th anniversary commemoration.

Joe HerreraSanta Fe Indian School Style: Works on Paper - The exhibition focuses on the history of Native American painting, the development of a distinct style associated with Native American artists in the early 1900s, the institutionalization of this style at the Santa Fe Indian School, departures from the school’s stylistic conventions by famous alumni, and its continuing legacy with current students at the Santa Fe Indian School.

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