The Hispanic Arts Collection

The Hispanic Arts Collection

The Hispanic collection at the Millicent Rogers Museum was initially made possible by Paul and Arturo Peralta Ramos.

The Spanish Colonial furniture, tinwork, Rio Grande blankets, and Colchas represent the resourcefulness and endurance of Hispanic settlers.

The architecture of the original building, which reflects traditional building methods, is as culturally significant as the objects on display.

Hispanic Arts & Crafts

Domestic arts and crafts of Hispanic life in New Mexico reflect influences from Native American, European, Mexican, American, and Asian cultures. Today, artists and craftspeople, who express their heritage in the works here, carry on these vibrant domestic arts, expressing themselves and their cultures with pieces that are simple yet sophisticated and beautiful.

Historically, the remote agrarian communities of Northern New Mexico were self-sufficient. By necessity, life and the tools to survive were crafted and adorned with the few materials available in these remote areas–soft pine, stone, leather, and wool.

Selected Pieces

Bulto - MRM 1988.029.005

Straw Inlay Cross - MRM 1989.020.081

Contemporary works


Catherine Robles Shaw 
Altar Screen by Catherine Robles Shaw