Storytellers celebrated at Millicent Rogers

Teresa Dovalpage, The Taos News, March 18, 2016

Who doesn’t enjoy a good story? Tales, myths, legends and even jokes are centuries-old ways of preserving tradition and knowledge. Everybody has a grandfather, a grandmother, an aunt or an uncle who shared old tales with them. And these tales will in turn be retold and passed to new generations.

“In the Southwest, stories are not merely told for enjoyment, but can also be parables told for education or deeply spiritual accounts that tell the history of a culture or tradition,” said Carmela Quinto, curator of collections at the Millicent Rogers Museum (MRM).

It is only fitting that the museum, which is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, has organized an event around storytelling in its many manifestations.

“Storytellers: Teaching Heritage through Song and Story” will be on view from Friday (March 18) through July 17, 2016. It will focus on the multifaceted narratives that are conveyed across cultures and through a variety of media.

“The museum is committed to building and cultivating a strong relationship with the local community, and this exhibit strives to honor and respect the vibrant storytelling traditions of the region,” said MRM Executive Director Caroline Jean Fernald.

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