New Mexico A-i-R: IAIA Artist Residents in Visual Dialogue


New Mexico A-i-R: IAIA Artist Residents in Visual Dialogue (Oct. 11, 2021-Jan. 29, 2022) features the work of 10 Native American artists based in New Mexico who have participated or are currently participating in the Institute of American Indian Arts (IAIA) Artist-in-Residence (A-i-R) program. A collaboration between IAIA and the Millicent Rogers Museum, New Mexico A-i-R considers the cross-cultural and interspecies connections in the ways that this group of artists reflects their relationships to their homes in artworks created in a variety of media. As the first installment of the Millicent Rogers Museum's "New Mexico Artists" series, the exhibition offers a unique opportunity for direct dialogue between the visual languages that these artists use to convey concepts about both their complex identities and their place-based exchanges.


Curated by Dawning Pollen Shorty, an IAIA alumna of Taos Pueblo, Diné, and Lakota heritage, and Michelle Lanteri, MRM Curator of Collections and Exhibitions, New Mexico A-i-R presents artworks by:

Heidi Brandow (Diné, Kānaka Maoli)
Orlando Dugi (Diné)
Jason Garcia (Santa Clara Pueblo)
Wayne Nez Gaussoin (Picuris Pueblo, Diné, French-American)
Ian Kuali'i (Kanaka Maoli/Native Hawaiian, Shis Inday/Mescalero Apache descent)
Linda Lomahaftewa (Hopi/Choctaw)
Erica Lord (Athabaskan, Inupiat, Finnish, Swedish, Japanese)
Margarita Paz-Pedro (Laguna/Santa Clara Pueblos, Mexican-American)
Cara Romero (Chemehuevi)
Adrian Wall (Jemez Pueblo)

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