A Part of the Earth New Acquisitions at the Millicent Rogers Museum Part Two

The Millicent Rogers Museum presents A Part of the Earth: New Acquisitions at the Millicent Rogers Museum as a two-part exhibition to showcase many of the artworks of the Southwest that have recently joined the permanent collection. Part one was on view from May 25, 2022 through January 8, 2023, and part two is on view from January 19, 2023 through May 14, 2023. The pair of exhibitions situates the arts of the Southwest in cross-cultural dialogue with each other to draw out new conversations between the works in terms of influence, materiality, style, and identity. This dialogue honors both the makers and the legacy of Millicent Rogers, who felt “a part of the earth” when passing by Taos Mountain during her years living in Taos, New Mexico from 1947 until her death in 1953.

The intersections of cross-cultural dialogues and worldwide influences play a huge role in creative production in the region. The museum works to convey that complexity through its collections and exhibitions, and we seek to complicate these narratives further through community exchanges and collaborations. Experimentation is time immemorial in the Southwest, and it shifts within the contexts of specific eras, particularly that of rebuilding. From experimentation, you get avant-garde, legacy, social commentary, and technological guideposts–blended in a variety of storied forms in artistic expression.

Since 2019, the museum has received many gifts of extraordinary artworks. We are so grateful for the donors’ generosity and felt that we needed to exhibit these artworks as soon as possible to demonstrate the diverse repertoire of artists and art forms in the Southwest. We extend immense gratitude to the makers, donors, and related communities.

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