New Mexico A-i-R: Curated Conversations

New Mexico A-i-R: Curated Conversations


Thursday, Nov. 18, 6:00-7:00 pm

“Illustration & The Figure: Pushing the Lines of Representation”

This virtual panel focuses on the ways that these three artists based in northern New Mexico implement new avenues for illustration in cut paper drawings, mixed media paintings, serigraphic (silkscreen) prints, and clay tiles. The conversation will focus on the artists’ arrival at their current techniques and their thematic intentions for using a particular medium. This dialogue will explore the influence of comic books and animation on these artists’ practices.






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Moderated by Co-Curators:
Michelle Lanteri
Dawning Pollen Shorty (Taos Pueblo, Diné, Lakota)


Ian Kuali’i
(Kanaka Maoli/Native Hawaiian, Shis Inday/Mescalero Apache descent)
Kuali’i works in the medium of cut paper drawings to produce portraits of leaders significant to his own heritage and in the creative community at-large.


Heidi Brandow
(Diné, Kānaka Maoli)
Brandow uses a combination of humor and introspection in her mixed media paintings of deconstructed figures to speak to the fragmentation of life in the twenty-first century.
Jason Garcia
(Santa Clara Pueblo)
Garcia creates clay tiles that reflect the changing community of Santa Clara Pueblo and serigraphic prints that honor the history of Pueblo peoples and the 1680 Pueblo Revolt.


Okuu Pín/Jason Garcia, #DutchBros #WildBerry, 2021, hand-processed clay, mineral pigments, traditional outdoor firing process, 6 3/4 x 9 in.



Thursday, Dec. 9, 6:00-7:00 pm

“At Home & Beyond: Art Practices & Visual Languages in Local & Global Currents”


This virtual panel focuses on the dynamics between the local and global contexts of these two artists’ practices in relationship to their work in abstract and representational visual languages. The conversation will explore how these artists define the concepts of local and global and move through these spheres in terms of travel and exhibitions. With both artists based in Santa Fe, the discussion will highlight the artists’ backgrounds, careers, and projects as well as the ways that the reception of their work changes according to particular places.

Recorded YouTube coming soon.

Moderated by Co-Curators:
Michelle Lanteri
Dawning Pollen Shorty (Taos Pueblo, Diné, Lakota)



Linda Lomahaftewa
Lomahaftewa makes monotypes and paintings in vivid colors that reflect her Hopi and Choctaw heritage in terms of cultural migration and familial histories.


Erica Lord
(Athabaskan, Inupiat, Finnish, Swedish, Japanese)
Lord uses photographic portraiture to create dialogue about Indigenous identity. Her abstract beadwork explores the disproportionate impact of disease on Native peoples.

Erica Lord, DIGITAL DNA BEADING SERIES: Adrenocortical Cancer Burden Strap, DNA Microarray, 2021, glass beads, string, 50 x 7 1⁄2 in.    


Thursday, Jan. 20, 6:00-7:00 pm

“Strike a Pose: Fashion as an Artistic Framework”

This virtual panel takes fashion as its focus and closely considers its role as a framework for artistic production for these three artists based in Santa Fe. The featured artists work in textiles, found materials, wood, metals, and photography, and this discussion will explore the ways that fashion influences their medium, composition, and artistic genre. The conversation will move through different concepts of fashion and the ways these relate to Indigenous worldviews and contemporary art practices.


Moderated by Co-Curators:

Michelle Lanteri

Dawning Pollen Shorty (Taos Pueblo, Diné, Lakota)



Orlando Dugi
Dugi creates wearable arts as high fashion apparel. He incorporates influences from the Southwest environment to create direct reflections of place in fabric and beads.


Cara Romero
Romero works in narrative, or story-driven, portraiture in the medium of digital photography. She fuses contemporary culture with Indigenous creation stories. 
Wayne Nez Gaussoin
(Picuris Pueblo, Diné)
Gaussoin makes sculptural jewelry that brings together cross-cultural influences to speak about his own heritage. Using mixed media, his works evoke a visual symphony.                                  

Wayne Nez Gaussoin, Shicheii Charpentier Azul, 2021, wearable work; 18kt gold, sterling silver, stainless steel, copper, patina, wood, 8 x 12 x 12 in.