2021 Summer Auction

Our profound gratitude for everyone who contributed towards the success of our 2021 Summer Auction. We are pleased to have had this opportunity to bring these wonderful virtual offerings to a greater audience. Enjoy your 2021 Summer Season!  

In Gratitude of Our Patrons

Craig and Laurie Mitchell Dunn       

Christina Peralta-Ramos     

Jere C. Robertson


In Appreciation of Our Donors

AmyJo Clark & Colin McFadyen

Antonio Martinez

Barbara Brenner

Bob Parker & Deborah McLean

Carol & Robert Cudd

Chokola’: Debbie Vincent & Javier Abad

Christina Peralta-Ramos

Cooking Studio of Taos: Chris Mayer & Valerie

David B. Anderson

Greta Brunschwyler & Ronald Stoner

George Bartel & Isabel Alford

Ilona Spruce, Taos Pueblo

Jere Robertson

Jim Cox

John Rush

JonnaLynn K. Mandelbaum

Joseph & Robyn Miller

Mary Dale Gordon

Patsy Wright

Peter Balon

Philip Peralta-Ramos

Ray Trotter – RB Ravens

Ralph Sena

Randy & Sondra Phillips

Richard & Willa Sisson

Rob Nightengale: Nightengale Fine Art

Ruth Laake

Steve Spellman

Susan Streeper

Taos Dance Academy, Kathleen Martin

Terry & Anne Conner


In Recognition of the Event Photographer

LeRoy Martinez – Beaver’s Productions


2021 Summer Auction Committee

AmyJo Clark, Chair

George Bartel, Elizabeth Buddington, Ruth Laake,

Greta Brunschwyler, Kathleen Michaels, & Katie Paradise